Open Door was a part of the 2010 Microsoft Design Expo. The Topic was: Service Meets Social.  The goal of OpenDoor was to create sustainable local communities through a borrowing and lending service. Our interdisciplinary team did research on existing services and relevant concepts to develop a well rounded service that appreciated the needs of the community, as well as individuals who would use the service.  We went through an intense iterative process to insure the quality of the final product.

The Case of the Three Little Pigs

The Case of the Three Little Pigs is a project which explores the creation of a new gestural based language for the Xbox Kinect.  Our team used the story of The Three Little Pigs to highlight interactions and phrases that were possible with the language we developed.  We developed the classic story into a narrative detective game and produced a video prototype of how the interactions would work.  You can view some of our process here.

Laundry Care Icon Re-Design

This project examines the outdated and disconnected laundry care icons, and refreshes them with clean and easy to understand pictograms. It was the culmination of an academic unit looking at icon and symbol design.

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets was part of an information design exchange on the topic of water.  The program was between the University of Washington and South East University in Nanjing, China.  Exhibitions were held in China and the US to display posters made by students.

Ahead in the Count

A hybrid of an interactive module and information visualization, Ahead in the Count lets the user answer a series of questions to determine which baseball team they should root for, based on compatibility with each MLB team. View the project live and see which team you should root for.

Outer Spaces — Conference Identity

Outer Spaces is an example of identity design for an entire conference.  The fictitious conference on space architecture has a fully formed identity; The identity covers anything from mailers, to a conference logo, to swag, a website, and a video bumper.

Sergio Vega Publication Sample

This project is a demonstration of spread design for a fictitious publication featuring the artist Sergio Vega.

Digital Watch Re-Design

An exploration and re-imagining of a digital watch interface.  This concept explores physical feedback to give a unique interaction and new feel to an old object.